Domestic New Energy Vehicles Bring Fire To Domestic Chips

Click:95TimesEditor: DingJiaNuoDa Time:2022-12-05
The Shanghai Auto Show, which is called the "Auto Spring Festival", has a lot of melons this time.
Of course, behind these melons, there are also a lot of points of interest, but the most dazzling is certainly a lot of domestic new energy vehicles, this session of the Shanghai Auto Show, domestic new energy vehicles shine all over the field, completely overshadowing the light of the joint venture brands, become "the most beautiful boy".
At the same time in the Shanghai auto show, we also found that the rise of domestic new energy vehicles, brought fire to the domestic car chip, the entire auto show, the domestic car chip can be said to be ubiquitous.
We know that, compared with traditional fuel cars, new energy vehicles need more chips, some data show that a traditional fuel car, need more than 1,000 chips, but a new energy car, may need more than 3,000 chips, is three times the traditional fuel car.
The automotive chip market, for a long time is occupied by foreign manufacturers, according to the data in 2021, the domestic automotive chip self-sufficiency rate may be about 5%, 95% by imports, which is a serious neck problem for domestic cars.
So these years, with the explosion of domestic cars, domestic chip manufacturers are also in action, we enter the automotive chip market, starting from several battlefields, such as the large computing chip battlefield for autonomous driving technology, and Nvidia and other foreign manufacturers to compete.
One is the intelligent cockpit chip to start with, used for entertainment in the car, etc., and Qualcomm and other competition. There is also a low arithmetic chip to start with, competing with foreign manufacturers such as TI.
And at the Shanghai Auto Show, we found that domestic chip makers Horizon, Black Sesame, CoreChip, etc., moved their booths from the parts hall to the whole car venue. They also took a number of cooperative models or brands, including BYD Han, Starway Star Era ES, Dongfeng Passenger Car eπ, Link 08, Nezha GT, and Hoptron V09.
Agency statistics, so far the domestic smart driving chip shipments of more than 3 million pieces, and is taking more models fixed point, and some foreign chip market, slowly has been domestic chip manufacturers to steal, such as in the Shanghai Auto Show, basically rarely see Mobileye EyeQ mass production equipped with new cars, by domestic manufacturers "rolled to death "?
And domestic automotive chips compared with foreign automotive chips, one is the price is cheap, such as the cost of domestic autonomous driving domain control, to be able to hit within 1500 yuan, and even shouted a complete package within 3000 yuan, 50% lower than the price of foreign manufacturers.
Another is that the performance of domestic chips is stronger, faster iteration, in terms of arithmetic power, even better than Nvidia.
So the domestic car, also willing to use domestic chips, after all, who do not want to be foreign manufacturers neck, plus the current call for domestic alternative so high, support for domestic chips, is to support the development of the domestic automotive industry.
And with the rapid intelligence of domestic cars, new energy, automotive demand for chips is also growing rapidly, which indeed also provides a better soil for the development of domestic chips, and foreign chip manufacturers, will eventually be forced by domestic manufacturers to a difficult situation. And this is exactly what we like to see.

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